The importance of office space planning

A fact that is often overlooked by many businesses when trying to cut down costs and increase productivity is whether they are efficiently using their office space. Our solution is leading edge Office Space Planning, a service that has been created by Atlantic Office, to help you save money.

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Recent research has shown that just 1,000 square feet of unused office space could add up to £500,000 to the cost for a ten year lease. Now you may think that 1,000 square feet is a lot and that your office has nowhere near that amount of unused space, but you would be surprised how all those unused corners and awkward spaces can add up.

This fact may have you questioning whether your office is actually being cost efficient, especially when you consider today’s ever-increasing property prices and office rent costs. All that unused space that you’re paying for has the potential to be used as additional workstations or storage if the planning is well delivered.

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Our Office Space Planning Service

Our office space planning service is an expertly created system that offers solutions to any of your office space issues. Our staff will be able to recognise and resolve these issues using the latest in modern office design techniques.

We will be able to help you maximise your existing space, whether it be by using office partitioning to create more room or by redesigning your office interior. This service is also offered to companies planning a complete relocation, removing any stress on your behalf as we manage the whole move for you and eliminating the ‘settling-in’ period by ensuring that everything in the office is organised before you move in.




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Cost Effective Design

Atlantic Office services has benefitted many offices throughout the years. The office space planning system ensures efficient, convenient and cost effective office designs.

For you this will result in a more efficient office layout, which has been proven to have a positive effect on employees, inspiring them to work harder.

If you think your office could benefit from better office design then why not consider our office space planning service. For more information, Contact Atlantic Office Ergonomics

Please contact us or call directly to arrange a consultation.