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Ergonomic Office Chairs          

Are designed for optimum adjustment and posture support.

The unique features of these ergonomic chairs offer posture support, comfort and movement for the individual user. We supply many of the world’s leading brands and can offer a bespoke service on some chairs.

Invest in Comfort with Atlantic Office Chairs….

  • RH Logic 400 Chair

    Sale! Logic400_Blue_HRA
    £814.08 (£678.40 + VAT) View Product
    Ergonomic DSE Chair - A chair for 24/7 use The RH Logic 400 is the benchmark chair and is one of the most popular ergonomic office chairs. The RH Logic
  • RH Logic 300

    £865.20 (£721.00 + VAT) View Product
    RH Logic 300 is an ergonomic office chair with a medium back and a free floating movement mechanism. RH Logic is a range of office chairs for those who sit
  • RH Mereo 220

    £765.60 (£638.00 + VAT) View Product
    RH Mereo 220 Silver or Black has a large back and comes as standard with castors for carpeted floors and shell/base lacquered aluminium. This chair can also be enhanced with
  • ZentoSmart

    ZentoSmart - High Back
    £702.00 (£585.00 + VAT) View Product
    Hot-desking, home working and advances in the types of technology we use, tells us that the way we're all working is changing. Smart working! Our ZentoSmart chair really is the
  • HAG Executive Excellence 9321 Chair

    HG 019
    £1384.80 (£1154.00 + VAT) View Product
    The Perfect Executive Chair The HÅG Excellence 9321 comes upholstered in high-quality leather or a smooth, felted, wool fabric for optimal comfort and elegance. This Chair is luxurious and stylish and
  • HAG Executive Inspiration 9231

    £1611.60 (£1343.00 + VAT) View Product
    An Ergonomic Computer chair for every Executive The HÅG Inspiration 9231's transparent textile provides a cooling effect and a light and desirable look. The chair's backrest is available in dark and
  • HAG Executive Tribute 9021

    HAG_Tribute 9021_Black_footbase_a[Print]
    £1290.00 (£1075.00 + VAT) View Product
    HÅG Executive 9021 has been developed with comfort and design in mind and is a great task chair with ergonomics in mind. This chair comes with many adjustable features as standard for
  • HAG Executive Tribute 9031

    HAG_Tribute 9031
    £1530.00 (£1275.00 + VAT) View Product
    HÅG Executive 9031 has been developed with your stringent demands on visual design and ergonomics in mind. This chair comes with many adjustable features as standard for optimum comfort. Please see
  • Adapt Zento

    £588.00 (£490.00 + VAT) View Product
    Encouraging great posture everyday. Our Zento chair offers you some of the best loved ergonomic features available in a chair. This chair provides comfort and style with good ergonomics in
  • RH Mereo 200

    £781.30 (£651.08 + VAT) View Product
    RH Mereo 200 8111 Silver or 8112 Black has a medium back and comes as standard with castors for carpeted floors and shell/base in lacquered aluminium. This chair can be
  • Duo Back Type 11

    Grahl image
    £747.60 (£623.00 + VAT) View Product
    The unique, patent-registered Duo Back chair with the split backrest is not only healthy for your back but it has also positive impacts on musculature, metabolism, blood circuit and nervous
  • Duo Back Upholstered Back

    DuoBack Upholstered
    £818.40 (£682.00 + VAT) View Product
    DuoBack Type 12 is the same as Type 11 but with a fully upholstered back rest shells. As Type 11 the backrest pad are independently pivotal ensuring that the user's
  • Enjoy

    Comfort Enjoy Orange front
    £397.20 (£331.00 + VAT) View Product
    The Enjoy chair is so intuitive for the user with it's innovative single rod control multifunctional adjustment system. A single lever control mechanism, integrated adjustable seat slide, seat height adjustment
  • Ergohuman Plus Elite

    Ergohuman blue front
    £577.20 (£481.00 + VAT) View Product
    Encompassing all the qualities of the standard Ergohuman with the added benefit of a redesigned mechanism featuring a seat tilt function and encased in polished aluminium, the Ergohuman Plus makes
  • G 64

    OB G64 High Back
    £842.40 (£702.00 + VAT) View Product
    G64 has been one of the most successful task chairs for several years. Its precision engineering and proven longevity, with 98% of its parts recyclable. G64 can cater for everything
  • Genidia

    £612.00 (£510.00 + VAT) View Product
    Embracing the most innovative technology,materials and state-of-the-art design, research and development have pushed the boundaries in task seating to unprecedented levels. The Genidia concept is a highly designed chair with revolutionary technology unique to
  • HAG SoFi 7200 Chair

    HÅG SoFi 7200 White Grey Clear
    £672.00 (£560.00 + VAT) View Product
    The HÅG Sofi is a chair that can be customised to suit your needs. The chair contains a Balanced Movement mechanism which responds to your slightest move and keeps you in
  • HAG SoFi 7300 Chair

    HÅG SoFi 7300, White base, Norwegian wool, GU Sirdal 820
    £711.60 (£593.00 + VAT) View Product
    The HÅG Sofi 7300 is similar to the 7200 but has a higher back and headrest option. It also contains the Balanced Movement mechanism which responds to the slightest movement and keeps
  • HAG SoFi 7500 Mesh Chair

    Sale! HAG SoFi 7500 mesh
    £546.24 (£455.20 + VAT) View Product
    The Best Selling Task Chair The HÅG Sofi Mesh has been designed to ensure movement; without having to think about it. The chair contains a Balanced Movement mechanism which responds to
  • Mirus

    Comfort iForm front
    £506.40 (£422.00 + VAT) View Product
    The design concept of the mirus chair incorporates multi-directional interactive neck roll which can help to relax tired neck and shoulder muscles. The 3-dimensional automatic flexible lumbar support system provides full
  • Nefil

    Comfort Nefil Mesh BK
    £619.20 (£516.00 + VAT) View Product
    Using the ingeniously simple single lever control to operate the three main chair functions - seat height, seat depth and back tilt are all operated from a single point of
  • Orangebox Do Mesh Office Chair

    Sale! 150591666406_DO-HBHA_Studio_Low_NW
    £309.60 (£258.00 + VAT) View Product
    A Great Chair for a Great Price Do more from less is the concept behind this chair. Less  material, fewer parts and fewer product miles than ever before. There is
  • Orangebox EVA Mesh Office Chair

    Sale! 150644563703_EVA-HBA_Studio_Low_NW web
    £357.60 (£298.00 + VAT) View Product
    A Mesh Task Chair for any office Responsible, innovative and beautiful, eva represents the most efficient and effective combination of materials and design thinking ever put into a task chair.
  • Orangebox Flo Ergonomic Chair

    OB Flo High Back
    £1093.20 (£911.00 + VAT) View Product
    The Flo - A DSE Ergonomic Computer Chair for budget Flo is designed for maximum fit with minimum fuss and is ideal for shared workstations. Flo outperforms other chairs for