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24 hour use chairs

It’s important to maximise comfort for long work shifts and these chairs utilise the latest technology, combined with function and comfort elements to keep you refreshed.

  • Axia Plus

    BMA Axia 2.3 blue front
    £800.00 (£666.67 + VAT) View Product
    Designed specifically to support long term VDU operators and those who work with blue tooth and hands free. This chair guarantees ergonomic seating comfort. The introduction of an extra thick
  • RH Logic 400 24hr

    Photo: Daniel Wiktorsson, Mathinic
    £1060.80 (£884.00 + VAT) View Product
    RH Logic 400 24 Hour is an ergonomic office chair with a large back,a larger seat and a free floating movement mechanism. The RH Logic 24 Hour also has extra
  • RH Logic 400 Elite

    neckrest, armrest
    £1060.80 (£884.00 + VAT) View Product
    RH Logic 400 Elite is an upgraded and updated model of the RH Logic 400 24/7. Boasting a thicker seat and back pads, an extra wool layer in the seat and