• Black & Silver USB mini keyboard

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    A slimline keyboard measuring just 32x16cm and incorporating 7 Hot keys. This Keyboard with its compact size and low profile square keys (chiclet style), is the ideal keyboard for people
  • Gold Touch Split Keyboard

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    The Goldtouch Adjustable Keyboard is a leading recommendation among Risk Managers, Certified Professional Ergonomists, Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists. The Goldtouch Adjustable Keyboard is the only keyboard designed to properly
  • High Visibility Keyboard

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    This high visibility keyboard offers high contrast yellow on black keys (standard key size) which help keys stand out and is especially effective for those which suffer from vision impairment.
  • Keymonster

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    The Key Monster is a large keyboard with double sized keys (20x20mm). This keyboard is colour coded for easy learning making the Keymonster the perfect keyboard for those that suffer
  • Microsoft 4000 Natural Keyboard

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    This stylish ergonomic keyboard has an advanced ergo design that encourages natural wrist and arm alignment. The Microsoft Natural 4000 Keyboard has an integrated wrist rest and a fixed split
  • Numeric Keypad

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    The Numeric Keypad is ideal for number-crunchers and can be placed where it is most comfortable for the user to operate. The ability to place this anywhere is helpful to improve
  • Saturnus Mini Keyboard

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    The Saturnus Mini Keyboard with its lightweight and compact design is an ergonomic keyboard with optimised key layout designed by an ergonomist and is designed to be used alongside the matching numeric
  • Saturnus Numeric Keypad

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    Silver USB keypad with built in calculator. Allows for calculator results to be transferred directly into program and is recommended for users that have to handle extensive data entries. This