Modular Bench Desk System

Connex Modular Bench Desks

Product Description

Connex is a modular workspace system for high density office spaces, or smaller offices where space is a premium.

  • 25mm Table tops in a chair of five finishes
  • Bench leg and framework is powder coated square steel frame for enhanced strength and stability and is available in silver or white
  • Cable Management – horizontal and vertical cable management allows cables to rise from the floor via a single leg and mass cable risers, to improve office aesthetics and safety
  • Assembly per cluster is quick and easy through its highly engineered parts.
  • Each configuration starts with a ‘starter unit’. Choose your ‘starter unit’ width, depth and colour, then simply add your ‘add on’ units.

Please see the specification tab to see the variations available then select the desk size below to view the price.

Single Desk - 1 person

All measurements are in mm and list length x depth. Prices exclude VAT & delivery

Bench Desk System Starter Units Single Add on Units Single
1200 x 800 £220 £220 £156
1400 x 800 £232 £232 £168
1600 x 800 £248 £248 £200

Back to Back Desks: - 2 people

Two Desks back to back.

Bench Desk System Starter Units Back to Back Add on Units Back to Back
1200 x 1600 £388 £388 £256
1400 x 1600 £412 £412 £284
1600 x 1600 £440 £440 £308

Double Back to Back Desks: 4 people

Four Desks back to back. Recessed centre leg support.

2400 x 1600 £644
2800 x 1600 £696
3200 x 1600 £748

Triple Back to Back Desks: 6 people

Six Desks back to back. Recessed centre leg supports.

3600 x 1600 £924
4200 x 1600 £968
4800 x 1600 £1056


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