HAG Conventio Wing 9831

Product Description

HÅG Conventio Wing is a dynamic chair that is specially designed for meetings and conferences. The integrated rocking mechanism inspires movement and variation. This improves the ability to concentrate as well as the performance of your employees or audience.

HÅG Conventio Wing is constructed from lightweight materials that can withstand heavy use. In addition, the wing-shaped back gives the chair a fresh shape and makes it more robust.

Simple maintenance makes the chair well suited as a general purpose chair for conferences, schools, universities, libraries, canteens, cafés and hotels.

The seat and back shells are available in 6 different colours please see below.

Chair Specifications

Seat Height: 430 mm
Back Height: 380 mm
Seat Depth: 420 mm
Seat Width: 425 mm
Max chair width: 500 - 600 mm
Height of armrests: 245 mm

Tilt Range

Neutral: - 5 deg
Forwards: - 12 deg
Backwards: - 11 deg


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