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Axia Plus Office Chair

Product Description

Ergonomic Office Chair

Designed specifically to support long term VDU operators and those who work with blue tooth and hands free. This chair guarantees ergonomic seating comfort. The introduction of an extra thick seat and an extra high and thicker padded back offers even greater support and comfort.

With the Axia, the foremost part of the seat is fixed so that only the rearmost moves with the mechanism. This promotes optimum support and comfort for passive sitting and correct activation of back and stomach muscles when sitting actively.

The arms are fixed to the front of the chair and therefore do not move with the mechanism. This ensures the lower arm receives optimum support in any position. The split seat technology enables feet to stay on the floor at all times.

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Seat Tilt Yes
Independent Back Angle Adjustment Yes
Seat Depth Adjustment Yes
Adjustable Lumber Support Optional
Armrests Yes
Headrest Optional
No Shear/Sliding Force Yes
Ideal Angle of View for VDU Yes
Permanent Pelvic Support Yes
Adjustment Levers on Both Sides of Chair Yes

Chair Specifications

Seat Height: 400 - 550 mm
Seat Depth: 380 - 480 mm
Seat Angle: +5 to -14 deg
Back Height: 170 - 230 mm
Back Angle: 15 deg
Weight setting: 40 - 170 kg
Armrests Height: 200 - 310 mm
Armrests Width: 360 - 530 mm
Armrests Depth: 4 mm
Headrest Angle: 110 deg
Headrest Height: 150 mm


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