High Top Laptop Stand

Product Description

Based on the U Top design, the High Top is the first laptop solution designed for compact 10”, 11”, 12”, 13” laptops which are becoming increasingly popular due to their size and weight. Like the U Top, the High Top has six levels of height adjustment but has unique extra high support legs which are capable of raising the screen of mini and compact laptops to a comfortable viewing level, therefore improving posture.

In addition, the new High Top has both a document holder and also the unique facility to secure documents with magnets. This allows documents to be secured in environments with fans and air conditioning running. All this and it still snugly fits inside your laptop case and unlike other stands the design of the laptop support legs will not limit access to ports and switches positioned at the front of your laptop.


Document Holder And Unique Magnet Security Facility: Yes
Six Height Settings: Yes
Easy Set Up: Yes
Folds Flat For Transportation And Storage: Yes
Non Slip Rubber Feet: Yes
4 Cable Slots: Yes
Lightweight - Less Than 350 Grams And Only 7mm Thick: Yes


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