GO MOBILE 10-13 Laptop Stand

Product Description

GO MOBILE is our laptop solution specifically designed for compact 10, 11, 12 and 13″ laptops. This stylish product boasts a unique built-in copy holder, 9 height settings! and non-slip feet. The GO MOBILE 10-13 is unique as it not only tilts the laptop, but also lift’s the laptop to compensate for the smaller screen.

The GO MOBILE 10-13 laptop stand is unique in the fact that it was specifically designed for the compact laptops which are becoming increasingly popular due to their size and weight.


9 Levels of Height Adjustment 25 - 50 degrees: Yes
Document / Tablet Holder: Yes
Easy Set up Yes
Folds flat for transporting and storage: Yes
Light weight less than 205 grams: 5mm thick



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£59.99 49.99 + VAT)

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