Clear Slope Pro

Product Description

The new transparent and non-reflective Clear Slope Pro offers easy and quick angle adjustment across 12 levels from and incredible 8° to 55°! just 2kg in weight, and incorporating a padded document shelf to ensure no pressure is applied to the users wrists, and a 3 position removable shelf for heavier items. The unique and innovative new design allows significant space at the rear and beneath the document surface. This makes the Clear Slope Pro the perfect solution for desktop monitors on large or bulky stands, and

also laptops on stands. But unlike most other products, still allows the document surface to be positioned directly under the screen at almost any screen height.

With one hand operation to raise the working surface, and right or left hand control to lower it. And the unique feature of offering the user the ability to store documents such as telephone numbers, schedules etc under the non reflective cover for quick, convenient everyday reference is another trademark innovative feature from the Ergonomic Cafe.

The design of the Clear Slope Pro allows the document holder to transform into an A3 reading and writing slope by simply gliding the unit forward over the keyboard. As the design offers full clearance above the keyboard no sacrifice on the angle of document surface is required. Once clear of the keyboard the Clear Slope Pro angles can be adjusted to reading/writing angles. And when the keyboard is required the unit simply glides back into its document holder position, and thus maximising your desk space.


Document Holder: Built in
Adjustable Reading Slope: Built in
Adjustable Writing Slope: Built in
12 Levels Of Adjustment: 8° - 55°
Book Holder Available: Optional
Removable 3 position shelf: Included


Width: 530 mm
Depth: 320 mm
Height: 110 mm
Weight: 2.4 kg



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£119.99 99.99 + VAT)

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