Atlantic Office started in 1989 and at that time specialised in DSE focussing on office and industrial bespoke furniture for those with special needs.

We have both joinery and upholstery workshops and this enables us to offer a broader quality bespoke service.

During the last 28 years we have created many interiors from ‘one off’ reception areas to whole office suites. Today we continue by offering our experience in design planning through to fitting out, always keeping ergonomics at the forefront of the design process.

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Devon Yawl Sailing - Ergonomic Chairs & Sit-Stand Desks
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Mew Stone - Ergonomic Chairs & Sit-Stand Desks

We never forget that good service should be as important for the individual as it is for a large organisation and this, we believe, is key to our success. A majority of our customers are referred to us through someone they know, demonstrating our eligibility to becoming your ergonomic partner.

This still being a family run business provided for personal local business as well as across the nation.

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About us3 300x240 - Ergonomic Chairs & Sit-Stand Desks

Atlantic Office’s Environmental Values

Atlantic Office is situated in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and we consider it a privilege to live and work here. In order to help preserve our environment, a high percentage of our products are sourced locally. Most of our retailed products are 100% recyclable. All our office waste and business packaging is recycled. As a business, we actively strive to be more gentle on the environment. Please see our Environmental Policy.

We take great pride on offering knowledgeable advice, good service and well made products.


  • Products with Few Components
  • Quality Materials
  • Products have Long Lifetime
  • Cradle to Cradle Recycling
  • Lowest Possible Carbon Footprint
  • No Toxic Chemicals
  • Reduced use of Non-Recyclable Resources




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A Chair for Everyone

At Atlantic Office we have a chair for everyone. Chairs suited to your build, your type of work as well as your working environment. In practice, this means a comprehensive range designed for offices, industry, hospitals, laboratories, twenty four hour control rooms and surgeries. We offer a wide choice of back supports, seat mechanisms and armrests to meet the ergonomic needs of the individual.