• Telescopic Height Adjust Desk

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    Manual height adjustable telescopic legs complete with Desk top. Height adjustment of 150 mm to give height range from 720 mm to 870 mm. Standard finish in melamine beech with silver
  • Manual Sit Stand desk

    Crank Adjustable Stages
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    Manual Height Adjustable Desk AOM Crank height adjustable desk frames are an entry level frame designed to prevent static posture and allow either sitting or standing whilst working at the
  • RH Logic 400 Office Chair

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    Ergonomic Office Chair The RH Logic 400 is the benchmark chair and is one of the most popular ergonomic office chairs. The RH Logic 400 ergonomic chair has won the
  • ErgoFit Chair

    ergoFit montage
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    Bringing you ‘good ergonomics’ at entry level, with some postural support extras that you wouldn’t expect to find, ergoFit has truly redefined the standard. This is ideal for situations where
  • RH Logic 300 Office Chair

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    Ergonomic chair for back pain RH Logic 300 is an ergonomic office chair with a medium back and a free floating movement mechanism. A perfect office Chair for bad backs
  • RH Mereo 220 Office Chair

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    A perfect ergonomic computer chair RH Mereo 220 Silver or Black has a large back and comes as standard with castors for carpeted floors and shell/base lacquered aluminium. This chair
  • ZentoSmart

    ZentoSmart - High Back
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    Hot-desking, home working and advances in the types of technology we use, tells us that the way we're all working is changing. Smart working! Our ZentoSmart chair really is the
  • Adapt 531

    adapt 531
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    The Adapt 531 possesses a large back rest with a small seat The Adapt 500 range is designed to offer an entry-level to the Adapt family, bringing you great ergonomics
  • Adapt 532

    Adapt 532 side
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    The Adapt 532 possesses a large back rest with a medium seat making it slightly larger than the 531 The Adapt 500 range is designed to offer an entry-level to
  • HAG Executive Excellence 9321 Chair

    HG 019
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    The Perfect Executive Chair The HÅG Excellence 9321 comes upholstered in high-quality leather or a smooth, felted, wool fabric for optimal comfort and elegance. This Chair is luxurious and stylish and
  • HAG Executive Inspiration 9231

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    An Ergonomic Computer chair for every Executive The HÅG Inspiration 9231's transparent textile provides a cooling effect and a light and desirable look. The chair's backrest is available in dark and
  • HAG Executive Tribute 9021

    HAG_Tribute 9021_Black_footbase_a[Print]
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    HÅG Executive 9021 has been developed with comfort and design in mind and is a great task chair with ergonomics in mind. This chair comes with many adjustable features as standard for
  • HAG Executive Tribute 9031

    HAG_Tribute 9031
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    HÅG Executive 9031 has been developed with your stringent demands on visual design and ergonomics in mind. This chair comes with many adjustable features as standard for optimum comfort. Please see
  • HAG HO4 / 4600

    HÅG H04 4600
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    The keywords behind HÅG H04 are balance and freedom of movement. Balance because it is the best starting point for movement; and freedom of movement because if you can move
  • Adapt 630

    Adapt 630
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    The Adapt 630 chair offers a large backrest and a small seat. The Adapt 600 range is designed to offer superb comfort with good ergonomics. With a range of 7
  • Adapt 660

    Adapt 660
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    The Adapt 660 chair offers a large backrest with a large seat. This particular model is an extremely popular choice as it fits the widest range of users. The Adapt
  • Adapt 680

    adapt680 diag2
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    The Adapt 680 chair is the largest of the template models in the 600 range. It offers a very large back and a very large seat. This chair is ideally
  • Adapt 700

    Adapt 700 front
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    The Adapt 700 is a heavy-duty offering. It Offers a stylish and comfortable solution with good ergonomics for larger users weighing up to approx 40 stone. The Adapt 700 has
  • Adapt Lift

    AdaptLift side tilt
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    Unique Design The AdaptLift has been designed specifically for people who need some extra help either with adjusting the height of their office chair or getting in and out of it. Electronically
  • Adapt V600-Trak

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    The Adapt V600 brings you a revolutionary multi-adjustable office chair for postural issues, including V-Trak technology. A brand new concept in backrest contouring, helping with a wide range of postural
  • Adapt Zento

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    Encouraging great posture everyday. Our Zento chair offers you some of the best loved ergonomic features available in a chair. This chair provides comfort and style with good ergonomics in
  • AOE Desk Frames

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    A new Ergonomic generation of Sit Stand desk frames have been designed to meet the needs of the large office projects as well as the single user. The frames are
  • Axia Plus

    BMA Axia 2.3 blue front
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    Designed specifically to support long term VDU operators and those who work with blue tooth and hands free. This chair guarantees ergonomic seating comfort. The introduction of an extra thick
  • CPOD

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    Cpod offers the world’s first fully adjustable lumbar support mechanism incorporated into the knitted mesh back. Intelligent detailing of the frame shape and profile, along with rigorous material testing and